virtually still, still breathing

lisa cianci, 2006

A series of silent video works created using a hand-held mobile phone video camera. The footage captures colour field abstractions animated by gestural movements of the hand holding the camera. The video compression is very lossy and the original low-res videos are re-sampled to a much larger size.

Videos are in quicktime (mov) format. right-click/ctrl-click hyperlinks to save to local disk space.

vssb01 ~ 22mb vssb05 ~ 46mb vssb09 ~ 27mb vssb13 ~ 26mb
vssb02 ~ 19mb vssb06 ~ 24mb vssb10 ~ 18mb vssb14 ~ 31mb
vssb03 ~ 21mb vssb07 ~ 25mb vssb11 ~ 22mb vssb15 ~ 31mb
vssb04 ~ 21mb vssb08 ~ 24mb vssb12 ~ 19mb vssb16 ~ 67mb


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