I Mix Myself in Every Dream (for Emmy Hannings) Parts 1, 2 & 3 from Lisa Cianci on Vimeo.

This video capture was projected in the States of Blue (Bluscray) Projection Festival at Kindred Studios, Yarraville in August/September 2016

About the Artwork

I Mix Myself In Every Dream (for Emmy Hennings), Parts 1, 2 & 3

This artwork is a set of three unique video captures from a code-driven, continuous animation.

The animations use found, accidental glitches and encoding errors to create the aesthetics you see here.
Glitch software is not used to create these effects.
The layers of video are a mix of deliberate and chance captures from various sources
(local urban scenes, glitching television screens, projected films on a wall) using an iPhone video camera.

My code-driven animations are akin to performances.
They consist of video, sometimes still image and code compiled in
Adobe Animate CC to manipulate the visual content in real-time.

The animations in their original state can play forever: constantly changing layers, blends and movement never display the same sequence of pixels.
Each time the animation is launched, it plays differently within certain parameters written in the code.

The original animated artworks from this series look like video, but are in fact non-linear, endless digital pieces.
The video displayed here is but one capture of a performed animation at a given place and time .

This video artwork can be played in a continuous loop - with or without the soundtrack.
The original code-driven animation artwork can also be provided as an executable app for Mac, Windows, iOS or Android.

Emmy Hennings was a Dada artist, poet, performer, instrumental in the creation and running of the Cabaret Voltaire.
She is often ignored in Dada histories and her own history is fascinating.
I recently read some of her poetry (translated from the German by William Seaton), which formed the impetus to create this piece.
The following lines are from her poem "Ether Stanzas":

"I mix myself in every dream,
A thousand looks and each I know."

Code driven animation containing glitched & remixed content by Lisa Cianci, 2016.
See the blackaeonium archive project for more of this recombinant creative work in archival space.