Arrows of Time (living ghost 3 compilation) from Lisa Cianci on Vimeo.

This piece is a unique video capture from one of the Glitch People series of code-driven, continuous Flash animations.

The original animated artworks look like video, but are in fact non-linear, endless, performed, digital pieces.
The video displayed here is but one capture of the “performed” video at a given place and time.

This video uses found, accidental glitches and encoding errors to create the aesthetics you see here.
These effects are not created with glitch software, the layers of video are chance captures from various sources.

These animations are akin to performances using video, still image and
ActionScript3 code to manipulate the visual content in real-time.
The animations can play forever: constantly changing layers, blends and movement never display the
same sequence of pixels - each time the original animation is launched, it plays differently.

Code driven animation containing glitched & remixed content by Lisa Cianci, 2015.
See the blackaeonium archive project for more of this recombinant creative work in archival space.